Angilbert (fl. ca. 840/50), On the Battle Which was Fought at Fontenoy

The Law of Christians is broken,
Blood by the hands of hell profusely shed like rain,
And the throat of Cerberus bellows songs of joy.

Angelbertus, Versus de Bella que fuit acta Fontaneto

Fracta est lex christianorum
Sanguinis proluvio, unde manus inferorum,
gaudet gula Cerberi.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Pope Benedict XVI on the Natural Moral Law

ON DECEMBER 5, 2008, POPE BENEDICT XVI met with members of the International Theological Commission following the end of its 5-year working program. The Commission, of no more than thirty members, works under the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. Its purpose is to support the Congregation in examing issues of importance relating to Faith and Morals. Archbishop Luis Francisco Ladaria Ferrer, SI, Secretary General of the Commission presented the Commission's final study.
In his talk to the members, Pope Benedict XVI reaffirmed "the necessity and the urgent need in the current situation of culture and of civil and political society to create the conditions to raise awareness of the indispensable value of natural moral law (legge morale naturale)." The Pope praised the the International Theological Commission's study entitled The Search for Universal Ethics: A New Look at Natural Law. In his address to the Commission, the Pope stated that "the results are clear that natural law is the authentic guarantee that everyone has to live free, and to be respected in their dignity as human beings." The Natural Law provides the resource to persons to defend themselves from "any form of ideological manipulation and from all abuses perpetrated on the basis of the law of the strongest (la legge del più forte)."
On June 12, 2009, the document was published on the Holy See's Web page in Italian and in French.

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