Angilbert (fl. ca. 840/50), On the Battle Which was Fought at Fontenoy

The Law of Christians is broken,
Blood by the hands of hell profusely shed like rain,
And the throat of Cerberus bellows songs of joy.

Angelbertus, Versus de Bella que fuit acta Fontaneto

Fracta est lex christianorum
Sanguinis proluvio, unde manus inferorum,
gaudet gula Cerberi.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Furiae Conscientiae: Reconciliatio

THE DEVIL IS THE APE OF GOD, and he mimes God's good through a Wordless caricature. It would be sort of funny, perhaps, like the flat joke of bad comedian who is out of his league, were we insulated from the Devil's antics. But the Devil's foolish and vain antics are invariably violent, bloody, and spell death for all who come near. So the humor of the Devil is one enveloped in horror. The Satanic Comedy is not funny, but tragic.

The Devil apes the communion of Church. Christ's blood draws all men into communion with God: baptized by water and into his blood, Christians become members of the Church, bound by the Holy Spirit of Love into a communion of Love. The Devil has his counterfeit, his anti-Churches. Whereas Christ, in the High Priestly Prayer, prayed that his flock may all be one, even as the Father and he were one, the Devil, in his Declaration of Rebellion, prays that the flock may be splintered, may be legion. And so the Devil spawns not a Church, but a bunch of splintered anti-churches. And these are founded not in a human blood hypostatically united to the Divine Person, but in a human blood entirely untied from God.

Hitler had a handle on it, and called it Blutkitt, "blood cement." It is the notion that one can bond through shared atrocities, horrible experiences, participation in mass murder, in a common sin. But Blutkitt is not something only found among the Schutzstaffel, Himler's SS, or among the followers of Genghis Khan, from where Hitler is said to have borrowed the concept. For the blutkitt that arises from the death of conscience serves equally as well as that arising from the death of men. Therefore, this false communion of "blood cement" is found among all those who break from the natural law and do not suffer remorse, repentance, and experience atonement. It is the natural response to what Budziszewski identifies as the Fury of Reconciliation. If we will not be reconciled to God, to the Church, to our fellow man, then we will be reconciled with those who share our common flaw. "Nothing bonds the group like mortal sin." It is a "guilty solidarity." Budziszewski (2003), 153, 154. Even at his nadir, man is not a beast--though he claims to be one and attempts to act like one. Nor is man a god--though he claims to be one and to claim God's throne. Man cannot suffer alone, and he must have community. And if it is not a community that leads to virtue, whether in the cosmopolis or the ecclesia, he must needs find it in a community that leads to vice, to an anti-polis, and anti-ecclesia, which pit themselves against human society, against the Church. Thus, "Thieves seek thieves for company; drunks seek drunks; molesters seek molesters. Just because these bonds are counterfeit, they cannot satisfy the need for reconciliation, so it presses us harder still." Budzeszewski (2003), 152.

Sin beckons to a false communion

So hard does the imbalance press, that these ersatz communions "kakangelize" their bad news, their badspel, their κακαγγέλιον or kakangelion. That is perhaps why, as Budziszewski observes, "movements for disordered sexuality--homosexual, pederastic, sadomasochistic--cannot be satisfied with toleration, but must propagandize, recruit, and convert." Here we may likewise place the Islamist jihadist, though his methods though equally insidious are more brutal. Perversely, those joined together by Blutkitt instead of the Blood of Christ feel the sense of being under the burden of an anti-Commission. Rather than reconciling with greater, normal society, they demand that greater, normal society reconcile with them.

They suffer from social deprivation, because they are cut off from the everyday bonds of life. They want to belong; they want to belong as thy are; there can be only one solution. Society must reconcile with them. The shape of human life must be transformed. All of the assumptions of normal sexuality must be dissolved: marriage, family, innocence, purity, childhood--all must be called into question, even if it means pulling down the world around their ears.

Budziszewski (2003),153.

When man says Non serviam, the world gets turned on its head, and it leads to the impossible refrain: Fiat iniustitia, ruat caelum! Not, " render to each man his due," but, rather, "render to each man what he's not due" or "do not render to each man what he's due."


  1. W. Lindsay WheelerJuly 11, 2011 at 2:36 PM

    The Law of Nature, which is somewhat missing totally from all the posts on a blog dedicated to the "Natural Law" which is what the Roman Latin created from a the Greek original of Laws of Nature, is BLOOD IS THICKER THAN WATER. Is that NOT the same as "Blood cement"?

    I find your comments ""blood cement." It is the notion that one can bond through shared atrocities, horrible experiences, participation in mass murder, in a common sin.""" Is OUTRAGEOUS, extreme, uncalled for, and unhistorical! You are sensensationalizing. and propagandizing. This is not academic at all.

    Why the constant referencing of Hitler and not of Karl Marx, Social Democracy, Marxism, Communism, Rosa Luxemburg, Karl Kautsky which all seek to eliminate "Blood Ties" in the quest of fixing the world and ending race? Marxism is a genocidal ideology tied to Karl Marx and Moses Hess and if there were NO Karl Marx and Moses Hess there would be no need of Hitler. Hitler is the cart. Not the Horse.

    Karl Marx is the Horse.

    It is righteousness that we follow the Laws of Nature and groups are defined by Blood. It is of Relative sense, Kinsmen, that form groups, and hence race.

    Karl Marx, Rosa Luxemborg, Moses Hess, and Karl Kautusky all planned mass murder--it is called Internationalism. Shared Atrocity is called Communism. The seeking to de-racinate is part and parcel of Jewish Ideology.

    Whereas the Social Democrats and Communists and Free Masons of the Weimar all struggled to end the German Race, Hitler wanted the opposite. He was for obeying the Law of Nature.

    So I don't know where you get your history or know anything of the Weimar Republic and the struggle between the Commies and the nationalists, but you are way way off base.

  2. Lex ChristianorumJuly 11, 2011 at 4:40 PM

    I do not think that the notion of Blutkitt or "blood cement," is the same as the very natural propensity or inclination humans have or wanting to belong to a group, whether a city state or a tribe or a larger civil society.

    There is nothing immoral in wanting to be among your own kind, provided that it does not result in a dualistic notion of morality: that we are human, those not of our tribe or group are not human. The golden rule both allows for a preferential option for "one's own," but does not thereby exclude one from moral obligation to "the other."

    The references to Hitler are to him because he had power, whereas Marx had no political power, and, besides, he gave the notion to the notion of Blutkitt. If you wish, what I say about Hitler about "Blutkitt" can easily be said of Lenin, or Stalin, or Mao, or Pol Pot, all, to a greater extent or another, disciples of Marx's erroneous teachings.

    I'm not sure that Hitler was the cart and Marx the horse. I'd say that they were both horses, only pulling on humanity in opposite directions.

    Hitler did not obey the law of nature or the natural moral law. He sinned against it egregiously by overemphasing the notion of race and blood. The notion of preference to one's group is an Aristotelian type virtue, one can sin by excess as well as be defect. To ignore one's responsibilities to "one's own" in exchange for some "humanity" or whatever, is similar to Rousseau, who ignored 5 of his children, but claimed to love humanity. It is like a man who abandons his family, so as to devote himself to social justice. This is sin by defect. But to overemphasize race and blood to the exclusion of all other moral duties to huamnkind is sinning be excess. This is exactly the fault of Islam, and this is one reason why Hitler was so impressed with Islam, because it had a moral dualism that fit nicely with his irrational, unreasonable, unscientific overemphasis on race. The error was not only positive (Aryans were superior), but negative (Jews are inferior, non-humans). Islam does the same thing (those who are Muslim are the "best of nations"), the Jew is and "ape" and a "pig."

  3. I know your point about excess. Yes, their creed was excess without due proportion. That is their salient error.

    By the way the Holocaust was not due to their racial ideology. Suppression of races or discrimination against another race is not the cause of the Holocaust. The Holocaust was a direct cause of Britain and of France entering the war. To the National Socialist hierarchy, the dragging in of France and Britain, esp. Britain, was the cause of the Holocaust. He said so in Mein Kampf. If ever there was a second world war, he was going after the Jews.

    The Holocaust was not due to race per se, but of revenge, revenge pure and simple. If the West attacked, Hitler promised the genocide of the Jews because it was their financiers in London and in New York, esp. Bernard Barurch, who instigated this war. Hitler's focus was entirely upon the East and carving up Russia. He was busy deporting the Jews to Palestine and driving them out of the country, not killing them. The Final Solution was decided in 1942, way after the War started. It was solely about revenge--going for broke.

    If you want to read about atrocities read about the Japanese and their conduct towards all foreign races. The National Socialists pale in comparison to the Japanese.

    Hitler did not have the whole of the Laws of Nature, only one that was being deconstructed. The milieu and aftereffects of WWI, communist/Internationalist agitation, and the psychological damage done by the Versaille Treaty exacerbated the problem of Germany and caused the "sola race" vision of the national socialists (they also being divorced from the church and truth, set up race as a pseudo-god). Blood cement was not about doing atrocities at all. It was Britain and America entering the war, the certain defeat of Germany, by again, Jewish financiers in cahoots with their communist compatriots, brought up and energized the Final Solution.