Angilbert (fl. ca. 840/50), On the Battle Which was Fought at Fontenoy

The Law of Christians is broken,
Blood by the hands of hell profusely shed like rain,
And the throat of Cerberus bellows songs of joy.

Angelbertus, Versus de Bella que fuit acta Fontaneto

Fracta est lex christianorum
Sanguinis proluvio, unde manus inferorum,
gaudet gula Cerberi.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The International Community, The Natural Law and International Law

THERE ARE MANY VOICES in the international stage, and the voice of the Church is often confused with them or is drowned out in the din of competing voices. As we discussed in the prior post, the Church's vision of international relations between nations recognizes the importance of nations states and peoples, yet also does not absolutize them. The latter (absolutization of peoples or of nation-states) is a form of idolatry, and frequently leads to the oppression of minority peoples, whether they be racial, cultural, or religious. As extreme examples of the latter, we might point to the Turkish genocide of the Armenians, Assyrians, Greeks, and Dersim Kurds, the German genocide of the Jews and the Slavs.

The Church is not in the business of advocating a one-world-government based upon false values. And she carefully distinguishes between international government and international order. There can be an international order without an international government.

What the Church seeks is that international relations be seasoned with the salt of the natural moral law, a law which is universal in scope, and which comprehends all men bar none.

To bring about and consolidate an international order that effectively guarantees peaceful mutual relations among peoples, the same moral law that governs the life of men must also regulate relations among States: 'a moral law the observance of which should be inculcated and promoted by the public opinion of all nations and of all the States with such a unanimity of voice and force that no one would dare to call it into question or to attenuate its binding force.'

(Compendium, No. 436) (quoting Pius XI, Radio Address Dec. 24, 1941)

Underlying any international order, then, must be the recognition of a Law above all law, a God above all nations. "The universal moral law written on the human heart, must be considered effective and indelible as the living expression of the shared conscience of humanity, a 'grammar' on which to build the future of the world." (Compendium, No. 436)

Cumaean Sybil, Michaelangelo (Sistine Chapel)

The Church is therefore an opponent of any international order, and even more of a one-world government, that does not recognize the universal moral law. She would oppose making a bunch of Leviathans into one great Leviathan. She seeks to tame the Leviathans of the world with moral suasion. She seeks to have law, which is to say reason, not force govern relations among nations.
Universal respect of the principles underlying 'a legal structure in conformity with the moral order' is a necessary condition for the stability of international life. The quest for such stability has led to the gradual elaboration of a 'right of nations' (ius gentium), which can be considered as 'the ancestor of international law.'
(Compendium, No. 437) (citations omitted)

The Church's emphasis on the natural moral law as being the cement for any authentic international order relies on both faith and reason:

Juridical and theological reflection, firmly based on natural law, has formulated 'universal principles which are prior to and superior to the internal law of States,' such as the unity of the human race, the equal dignity of every people, the rejection of war as a means for resolving disputes, the obligation to cooperate for attaining the common good and the need to be faithful to agreements undertaken (pacta sunt servanda). This last principle should be especially emphasized in order to avoid 'temptation to appeal to the law of force rather than to the force of law.'
(Compendium, No. 437) (citations omitted)

Might does not make right, and this is as true within nations as among them. And the Church knows that it is preferable to have law govern the relations among nations than to invoke the bloody principle of war, which is to bring in the rule of the dice or the rule of the powerful and to pay obeisance to the rule of irrationality. Inter arma enim silent leges.*

The Church is mother of all mankind, and, to quote the Roman poet Horace, bella detesta matribus.** And so, as mother, she would with remind all men with Virgil's words placed in the mouth of the pagan Cumean Sybil, who the Middle Ages believed had also prophesied the birth of Christ: Bella, horrida bella.*** The Church therefore always urges another option to war if it be possible.
To resolve the tensions that arise among different political communities and can compromise the stability of nations and international security, it is indispensable to make use of common rules in a commitment to negotiation and to reject definitively the idea that justice can be sought through recourse to war. "If war can end without winners or losers in a suicide of humanity, then we must repudiate the logic which leads to it: the idea that the effort to destroy the enemy, confrontation and war itself are factors of progress and historical advancement."†
(Compendium, No. 438) (citations omitted)

If war is to be avoided, but right still rule, then something else must take its place to solve disputes between nations. The only other something that exists is law. And so the Church seeks to have a "primacy of law," as distinguished from a primacy of force or violence, to govern relations among nations. Within the confines of her vision--which is based upon Christian truth and the natural moral law--the Church advocates some sort of "reformulation" of international organs so that it is not recourse to war, to violence, or even the threat of violence that resolves disputes, which often is the law of the more powerful against the weaker without regard to truth or justice, but the rule of law.

In order to consolidate the primacy of law, the principle of mutual confidence is of the utmost importance. In this perspective, normative instruments for the peaceful resolution of controversies must be reformulated so as to strengthen their scope and binding force. Processes of negotiation, mediation, conciliation and arbitration that are provided for in international law must be supported with the creation of "a totally effective juridical authority in a peaceful world."

(Compendium, No. 439) The Church simply extends here the model we take for granted within states (the rule of law, rather than the rule of the mob or the rule of tyranny) to relationships between states.
Progress in this direction will allow the international community to be seen no longer as a simple aggregation of States in various moments of their existence, but as a structure in which conflicts can be peacefully resolved. "As in the internal life of individual States ... a system of private vendetta and reprisal has given way to the rule of law, so too a similar step forward is now urgently needed in the international community." In short, "international law must ensure that the law of the more powerful does not prevail."
(Compendium, No. 439) (citations omitted)
*Cf. Cicero, Pro Milone ("Silent enim leges inter arma") IV.10.
**Cf. Horace Ode 1 ("
bellaque matribus detestata")
***Cf. Virgil,
Aeneid, 6.86 (so says the Cumaean Sybil in her prophecy) "Wars, grim wars, I see, and the Tiber foaming with streams of blood." (trans. H. R. Fairclough) (bella, horrida bella / et Thybrim multo spumantem sanguine cerno)
†Obviously, this language is hortatory and invokes an ideal. The Church is no fool, and she knows that, in a world where sin all-to-often gains the upper hand, sometimes recourse to war is a moral necessity. In fact, in the very Compendium where these anti-war sentiments are expressed, we find express treatment of the Christian just war theory. See Compendium No. 500.


  1. "The latter (absolutization of peoples or of nation-states) is a form of idolatry, and frequently leads to the oppression of minority peoples, whether they be racial, cultural, or religious."

    "Absolutization" when and where was this created and by whom? Is this word "absolutization" a semantic word play in order to attack race and nation. It is about denigrating. Is this "absolutization" in Classical texts? Medieval texts? In Renaissance or Enlightenment texts? And who is this teacher that teaches that "Absolutization" is wrong? Who said that Race and Nation comes first is "Absolutization"? What author? What paper?

    When was this word created? So let me get this right, Absolutization is wrong for race and nation, but Absolutization is right for the International Order? You are just transfering it (if it exists in at all in race or nation) to the International Mankind! So we absolutize mankind?

    Isn't the Roman saying, "Salus Populi, Rex Suprema"?

    How can you Absolutize Mankind and expect people to "love their own kin"? You can not serve Two Masters, but we are to serve "Mankind" but not our nation?

    I like your semantic word games of "idolatry" and of "oppression"! What a way to slime the opposition! They are immediately "idolaters" and immediately "Opressors".

    I thought the Natural Law is this "All things are in Authority or in subjection". This subjection is your "oppression" which by slight of hand you automatically condemn! So do you condemn the oppression of Man over Wife? Of Male over Female? If you condemn it in the macrocosm---you must condemn it in the microcosm! Consistency? Did not the Catholic Church always teach the Suppression of the Jews? So what the Church taught 200 years ago is now evil "Oppression"?

    One thing I have noticed with Jews, is their extreme disgust and hatred of so-called "oppression" of anything. Women's Lib is Marxist. Segregation in America was attacked by the Jews and it was the Jews that instigated the Civil Rights stuff of the 60s! Now, this Homosexual civil rights stuff is also from the instigation of Jews.

    You are passing Jewish memes into European Culture! Jews want to get rid of all races but their own. This is what you are doing.

    Is the Caste system Oppresion in your opinion Andrew? Is as Aristotle says, "All things are either in authority or in suppression" Wrong? Is that evil? Is segregation evil? Is not the European to suppress the Jew in his countries? And the black minorities? Is the Hispanic going to rule in America as well? What happens when the interest of the Hispanic conflicts with the Indo-European? Does the European have to accept the Hispanization or the Africanizing of his children and culture?

    "The universal moral law written on the human heart, must be considered effective and indelible as the living expression of the shared conscience of humanity, a 'grammar' on which to build the future of the world."

    This puts all these posts into the reality. IT IS ABOUT BUILDING THE FUTURE! You are building a New World Order, the Judeo-Masonic World Order.

  2. Lindsay:
    I'm having a difficult time understanding why your thought on race is so binary (either/or). I am not denying the reality of race, of peoples. But unless you are taking a position that there are some peoples or races that are not humans, it seems to me that there is a reality above races and tribes and peoples, and that is our common humanity. In fact, I would suggest that it is precisely in recognizing the variety of peoples, of tribes, of races that we learn about what it is to be a human. I don't learn about being human by focusing on an Anglo-Saxon or Watusi of the Iroquois alone, e.g., but by looking at all peoples who in their way are concrete expressions of humankind.
    We all have reason. We all have conscience. We are all children of the same God. We all share one human nature. We all live under one natural moral law. I cannot see that as being some strange Masonic, crypto-Judaeo conspiracy. I see that as the teaching of the Lord. Why does belief in an overriding reality above race, tribe, and peoples lead you to apoplexy? Why is not reasonable to believe in a unity in the human race along with its obvious diversity? I am not absolutizing man by denying the absolute value of tribe. Whether we talk of tribe, of peoples, of races, or of man in general, I speak of man under God.
    I have no problem either with the notion of love of "one's own," as Burke put it. But I do think that love of "one's own," even a preferential one, is not inconsistent with a also recognizing "the other." I cannot, for example, engage in genocide of another people because it happens to benefit my own. Surely you are not suggesting that salus populi suprema lex justifies the genocide of other peoples? If so, then you are arguing from a very dubious tradition.
    I think that chattel slavery, that a strict caste (such as you find in the Laws of Manu) is false, unreasonable, and contradicts the natural moral law.
    I think that undoubtedly oppression or suppression is a physical evil against persons. Oppression or suppression is not necessarily a moral evil. Whether suppression or oppression is a moral evil depends upon what is being supressed or opressed, and how. If I oppress murderers, or supress the vicious, using reasonable means, in accordance with the common good, there is nothing wrong. If I oppress a black man, merely because he is a race other than mine (and for no other reason), then that would be a moral wrong for the very simply reason that race alone is never a reason for acting reasonably. I do not see how "oppression" of women is every justified, though I understand the reasonable subordination of interests that is part of marital life. I would distinguish "oppression" from reasonable subordination of interests to the common good. The latter in fact is required as part of the common good, whether of the family, of neighborhood, of city, of state.
    And if we do not build a future on the universal moral law, then upon what shall we build it? Might? May the strongest race, the strongest peoples win? Is that your answer?

  3. "I'm having a difficult time understanding why your thought on race is so binary (either/or)."

    I want to concentrate on this word "binary". When you say binary when looking at what I say, you are exactly right. This "binary" mode is central in European Thought. It is ensconced in Paramenides, the principle of non-contradiction. The principle of non-contradiction is binary. It is or it is not. Paramenides already recognized this fact of European thought.

    You are a Semite, generally. I'm a European. We think differently. This is why I'm of the opinion that Jews that become Christian are not to have any say in Christian thought. Binary thought patterns is what produces Christian orthodoxy.

    Why Race matters, is that there Racial Characteristics inherent in races. Not all of Mankind share in binary thought.

  4. "But unless you are taking a position that there are some peoples or races that are not humans, it seems to me that there is a reality above races and tribes and peoples, and that is our common humanity. In fact, I would suggest that it is precisely in recognizing the variety of peoples, of tribes, of races that we learn about what it is to be a human. I don't learn about being human by focusing on an Anglo-Saxon or Watusi of the Iroquois alone, e.g., but by looking at all peoples who in their way are concrete expressions of humankind."

    How does race realism automatically mean that I think that "there are some peoples or races that are not humans,.." NOT at all. I have never thought that.

    "it seems to me that there is a reality above races and tribes and peoples, and that is our common humanity.

    What you're saying here is a philosophical error. The 'reality' that you talk about is a Universal. Mankind is a Universal which lies in Metaphysics. That is why the word has a prefix of "meta-" before it. Universals are Ideas, concepts. Universals don't exist in reality. Only individual existence of the Universal. You're expertise is as a lawyer, but how well are you trained in philosophy. There are different levels of reality called the Chain of Being. But Universals DO NOT exist as 'beings'. Above 'Race' or 'Nation' there is no other level of being in the Temporal Order. After Race and Nation, come the Angels and then the Godhead. One has the subatomic level, the atomic level, the cellular level, the plant level, the animal level, the human level, and then the spirit level. In the cellular level, there is not a reality beyond cells. 'Cell' is a universal but it doesn't have 'being'. In the animal level, there is lions and then lion prides, but then there is no reality beyond a lion pride that is a Unity of all Lions! You can copy this into every other cosm of the Natural Order. If there is no Unity of Lions in another level of reality, there can not be such for human beings. In the human level, there are individual human beings, Families, and then groups of families called Nations or Races. Above that there is NO other reality. Mankind is a Universal that exists in Metaphysics, NOT in the Temporal Order or Natural Order. There is NO other reality.

    No one needs to know what it means by being human by looking at another race! It is common sense. There is no proofs for common sense. Japanese culture has always been looking at this, but they don't need foreigners to discover that.

    There are NO concrete expressions of 'humankind' because 'humankind' or 'Mankind' do not exist but as Universals. No one can immantize a Universal.

  5. I speak of man under God.

    There is NO man under God, but Nations/Races under God.

    If you look at the Hebrews in Exodus, There was no king of the Hebrews. God was the king and all the Hebrews were divided into Tribes. There were no 'men' at the Tabernacle of Moses. All the men camped around the Tabernacle in the Tribes, by their Tribes.

    Just like at the Tabernacle of Moses, All the people of the world exist in the Tribes Under God!

  6. And if we do not build a future on the universal moral law, then upon what shall we build it? Might?

    There is nothing to build in the future! The future does not exist. Christ said, "We live in the end of times". The world is NOT Christian. The world is getting worse not better. None of the countries of the world are even Christian! Italy is not a Christian country anymore. Greece is socialist not Christian. America is Masonic, not Christian. What world are you building? The Anti-Christ is coming. The Marxists are building the New World Order in preparation of the Anti-Christ. Roman Catholicism is losing membership in once Catholic Europe. Muslims are gaining ground. What future order when Catholics are a minority and the Vatican is toothless. There is no future. The only future that exists for Christians is death. Matrydom is comming for us all. Christianity is persecuted everywhere. How can you establish a Universal International Order when Christian morality is nowhere practiced in Italy, Britain, Spain or America with the arrival of Homosexual marriage?

    We are going downhill. The United Nations is in existence. It is not founded on Christian principles but on Marxist/Masonic principles. It's foundation is Communism/International Communism. Is the United Nations going to listen to the Vatican!

    This idea of a "future world" comes out of the Enligthenment and the Kabbala that had a huge influence in the Enlightenment. It was about returning man to a primal noble stage. There is no future world.

  7. Authority and Subjection exist throughout the Cosmos. The Caste system exists as well throughout the cosmos. Air exhibits a place higher than earth. Water exists below air but above earth. There is a Hierarchy. The family is a type of a caste system. In Patriarchy, the Father rules the household. It is the same in the Trinity, The Father is the head and the Son. Ant and termite colonies have a caste system, between workers and soldiers.

    Caste is central to organizing a society. That there are distinctions of rank. In a mixed society, like India, the higher race subjugated the indigenous people. That has happened everywhere throughout history. As it is within the family so it is in a society.

    The word 'oppression' is Marxist lingo. Western Culture uses the word 'subjugation'. The women is subjugated to the man as God commanded in Genesis. The world does not work on equality. As the family is, so shall the State. As Rudyard Kipling said, a man must keep his religion and his caste or his station in life. Caste doesn't mean chattel slavery either. Caste is hierarchy of classes.

  8. Philosophy is an European science. It deals with Metaphysics. A materialistic people such as the Semitic peoples will have trouble with Metaphysics. Even the German people have trouble with metaphysics. Metaphysics are, well, metaphysical---they don't exist in the physical world and they don't exist in the Spiritual world. Metaphysics lie UNDERNEATH the physical world. That is why the term 'meta-' is added. It is 'beyond' the physical realm. 'Mankind' and 'human being' are metaphysical terms that exist as concepts but not in reality per se. Every racial group is sovereign because within it, there arises hierarchy and hence leadership as in the Royal family.

    Mankind is not a reality because in all of history, there has never been a 'Mankind leader' or Royal family of Mankind. That has never existed naturally. It has never naturally, organically existed.

    And that brings me to another point. Your international Order is not Organic. It doesn't grow naturally! That is big point in recognizing that this is not a good idea that this Compendium produces. There is NO 'Future World'. We have the Natural Order and it is Race and Nation that have grown Naturally, according to Nature and are organic. They have existed, I would think about 5 generations after Adam. The Natural Law is "Ex Uno Plures". That guides ALL things. From One Adam, Many nations were generated. There is NO "E Pluribus Unum" that reverses "Ex Uno Plures". "E Pluribus Unum operates in the second order such as the creation of the family or an army but the Natural Law does NOT countermand itself. Ex UNO Plures" can NOT be reversed!!! God will not allow that to happen.

    You can not immantize the metaphysical or the eschaton. Metaphysics is Metaphyics. You can not turn Metaphysics into the physical realm. That is an impossibility.

  9. From VFR (View from the right) Lawerence Auster's site, from the post Derbyshire's Accomplishment

    A commentator, Thucydides writes:
    "The reason there was such a furor over Derb’s “The Talk” piece was that he transgressed a key moral fiction of our liberal culture. Liberal human universalism holds that there is no difference between men in any time or place, and that particular identities, whether racial (as in the present matter), national, ethnic, linguistic, religious, sexual, etc., are only incidental and epiphenomenal. It thus denies that there is any natural antagonism between the races.
    But in fact everywhere that two or more races have lived in close proximity, there has been considerable antagonism. It is primordial human nature that people organize themselves by particular identities, and these are not incidental but constitutive of the person. The boundaries of such identities are normally marked by exclusion and hostility.

    In the last century, there was a reaction against this unpleasant reality. The terms “prejudice” and “racism” began to be used to describe this antagonism which had always been taken as granted. This suggested that the problem was just a matter of cognitive error that might be amenable to therapeutic educationist intervention. This approach was in line with optimistic Enlightenment thinking concerning the natural goodness and rationality of man.

    The so-called "Enlightenment" is an Atheistic movement. The "Enlightenment", influenced by the Kabbala, thought that man 'evolved' to a higher plane. The Enlightenment was about destroying all 'oppresion' and installing egalitarianism.

    Ultimately, you have to let Nature take its course. There is nothing humans can do about that. It is not our purpose to stop Nature from taking its course. The king of this World is Satan. Not Jesus. Jesus is the King of the Next World, not of this World. Races exist so that Evil can not control the whole of mankind.

  10. Do you know of Rosa Luxemburg?

    Do you know of Karl Katusky?

    Both of these people are Jews. Both in the early 20th century wrote on the deconstruction of race. Are you familiar with this? Rosa Luxemburg especially wrote a book called The Nationalities Question where she took Stalin and Lenin to task for keeping nationalities in the Soviet Russia. Karl Katusky, an Austrian Jew, wrote the same thing in another book.

    What is going on? Why are Jews writing things like getting rid of nationalities for? Aren't nationalities, races, ethnicities part of the Natural Order? The Talmud and the Kabbala both teach that Man was once one and that they have to restore this unity of man.

    Did you know that Communism/Marxism have another name?

    It is called International Socialism. Why is it called "International" socialism for? International socialism seeks to do away with race and nation!! Who started Communism politically?

    Why Karl Marx another Jew, who was taught by Rabbi Hess!

    You mean to tell me that nobody in the whole of the Catholic Church has caught on to this? Why hasn't these errors been outed and corrected? You mentioned "Absolutization of race" but where is your mentioning of Deracination by political correctness and by Marxism.

    A whole political movement that is world wide that teaches and engages in the deconstruction of race and nation. This error is going unchallenged by the Church. The Church is even engaging in deracination! I've heard priests use political correctness and attack so-called 'racism'!

    Where-o-where is the Magesterium? Where-o-where is the condemnation of deracination, miscegenation, and the deconstruction of race? Where is the condemnation of Rosa Luxemburg or Karl Katusky? If the Nazis are so evil--and condemned by everybody, why isn't Rosa Luxemburg or Karl Katusky condemned? Because if there was no Rosa Luxemburg or Karl Katusky, or Karl Marx, there would have been no National Socialism or Hitler!

    Is not Race and Nation part of the Natural Order? Then where is your defense of it when clearly it is under viscious and vorciferous and ubiquitous assault from ALL sides, religious, political and academic! Where is the Church defending the Natural Order of Race and Nation?

    When America is a Marxist Nation, When all the countries of the world are socialist and marxist, where is the defence of race and nation? Where is this on your blog?

    This Compendium of Catholic Social Justice is engaging in deracination and in deconstruction of race. The Vatican itself is hood-winked! The Cardinals are Marxist if not Masonic. Why don't you research Rosa Luxemburg, Karl Katusky and the Jewish agenda of deracination.

    I'm accused of all sorts of things, like "concentrating too much on race" yet the Error of the Day is just that. Race and Nation have been attacked for the last 300 years in Western Culture! If Race is Family writ large, where is the Catholic Church and Magesterium? Where is Catholic Academia?

    I know, All of the Catholic Church is imbibed and saturated with Political Correctness. The Church is Marxist.

  11. Do you know what your Future world will look like?

    Here is your Future world:

    Black motorcycle gang chases white motorist, forces him out of his car, and stabs him; not newsworthy

    J. Christian Adams at PJ Mediaposts an article in the Macon Beacon, a small paper in Macon, Mississippi, about a black motorcycle gang that chased and stabbed a white motorist at an intersection in broad daylight. The crime has not been covered except in that one paper. The reporter, Scott Boyd, who is also the Beacon’s publisher, was unable to interest the Birmingham News in the story, or interest law enforcement in going after the black gang, known as the Outcasts of Alabama.
    However, as Adams tells us in an update, seven hours after his article was posted at PJ Media, the Birmingham News changed its mind and found the black-on-white crime newsworthy. But it also puts its own spin on the crime, calling it an incident of “road rage.” As a commenter at the Birmingham News puts it, “Let me get this straight: a group of black motorcycle gang members attack a white man by stabbing him, but it’s just road rage?”

    - end of initial entry -

    Doug H. writes:

    This article like many others serves to remind me that white people simply will not come together as a group to protect themselves. Something like this happening in the South just goes to show how much the world has changed. My dad used to talk about the Birmingham, Alabama area in the 1960s. He said many whites were afraid to go there because of the Black Panthers and groups of black bus riders who would beat whites. Whites were afraid even back then. It’s not surprising that someone would go on a revenge killing spree as recently happened in Oklahoma. Whenever I am travel, I do so armed well. If defending my family’s life means I may have to do jail time, then so be it.
    (From VFR Black motorcycle gang chase white driver, force him out of his car, stab him, NOT newsworthy

    Europeans have been so quilt tripped, effeminized, deracinated, that they have become prey.

    Is this your New International Order? This political correctness has grown so much that Whites can NOT defend themselves anymore. And when the minorities smell blood, they go in for the kill. That is the Natural Order.

    Aristotle recounts a Greek saying, "Tis meet that Greek rule barbarian". This is the way the Natural Order HAS TO WORK. "Tis meet" is another way of saying "Tis Righteousness". The Natural Order works on Righteousness---not on sentimentality.

    There is a hierarchy of races. If that is not obeyed, then the world gets screwed. That is a fact of life. Trying to re-engineer the world is going to cause unmentionable havoc. All things are either in Authority or in Subjection. If the Good and the Better are not in Authority---you have barbarianism.

  12. Does the Gospel teach Political Correctness?

    Because it seems so. The Church has adopted it hook line and sinker and uses many texts within Scripture to be in line with Political Correctness.

    Furthermore, many Catholics take "Sola Gospel" meaning that the only teaching we have to listen to is the Gospel and there is nothing else.

    The Natural Order was not built on the Gospel and the Gospel does NOT nullify the Natural Order. The Natural Order operates without hindrance from the Gospel. The Gospel does not change the Natural Order. It is, what it is.

    When are Catholics and the Magesterium going to take notice and care for the Natural Order? Does the Natural Order operate on Political Correctness? Does the Natural Order take heed of man's sophistry of political correctness?

  13. To prove my point, today, Lawerence Auster over there at VFR published this excerpt from another writer:

    "The real sin of Derbyshire and Weissberg that led to their dismissal.

    In a comment on Robert Weissberg’s speech at the 2012 American Renaissance conference which resulted in his expulsion from NRO, Gerald M. concludes:

    ""In the end though, I suspect Derbyshire and Weissberg were not canned by NRO for saying things about blacks which Lowry and his minions found unkind (despite their obvious truthfulness). They were dismissed because they were writing, or speaking, as self-conscious whites, as members of a group. At National Review, prime enforcer of the mainstream conservative dogma that we are all raceless, colorblind individuals, such behavior—even when it occurs in far away venues—can no longer be permitted."""

    Do you see this "Conservative dogma (is) that we are all raceless, colorblind individuals".

    THIS IS CONSERVATIVE DOGMA. So when I protest and point out the significance of race, I'm not about "absolutizing" race but simply attacking what has NOW BECOME DOGMA with conservatives!

    Aren't 'Conservatives' supposed to be about 'conserving'? See, even the conservatives who should be traditionalists think that racelessness is a conservative plank! This is how bad this has become! This is the situation out there! American conservativism is only soft liberalism. It is liberal. This 'racelessness' is standard fare! It is everywhere!

    Who is there to defend Race? If the conservatives and the Church opt out, who is there and then I get accused of being a National socialist! This is how bad the situation has become! That is why I am so passionate. It is not about 'absolutizing race' but no one nowhere does anything to correct this sad situation that is HAPPENING Right NOW! On our front door stop and we are concerned about the Future? What has been going on for the last 300 years has been deracination! Has been building the raceless world. And the Church has become a nursemaid to this project.

  14. Andrew, you're a lawyer.

    Well, a lawyer from the NY criminal system has put in a comment at VFR about how the justice system really works:

    Daniel F. writes:

    Some of the commenters on your blog seem to think the likelihood is that Zimmerman will be acquitted. I would not be so confident of that. To begin with, a juror who votes to acquit in this climate is risking life, limb, family, and property. Beyond that, I would expect that the court will give the prosecutor ample leeway in picking a jury likely to convict and then in presenting the case. In the event of a conviction, I would not hold out much hope for a reversal. Keep in mind that the court system and legal profession everywhere in the country is inundated with the ideology of “diversity” and is hellbent, in high-profile cases such as this, on proving that the law is on the side of the minorities against the pervasive menace of white “racism.”
    I speak as a lawyer working in the New York court system, in which the diversity cult is something like an official religion. I doubt that the situation is any different in Florida. Needless to say, I won’t be talking about this case with my colleagues.

    Incidentally, I think there was a similar case decided by the NY Court of Appeals a few months ago—People v DiGuglielmo—in which the defendant (presumably white, going by the Italian name) killed a man who was viciously attacking his elderly father. I don’t recall the “victim’s” name, but I think it was WASP sounding, which usually indicates a black person in NY. The case was in Westchester County. The defendant was convicted, and the conviction stood up on appeal. Based on what I read about the case, the prosecution seemed extremely dubious. I think it very likely that the prosecutors and judges, in processing the case, were intent on avoiding giving offense to the Al Sharptons of the world. The pressure to avoid such offense—and triggering riots, not just protests—will be multiplied by a thousand in the Zimmerman case.

    As is put into evidence, Diversity is the ruling criteria. All my objections to the NWO and my advocacy of Race is because there is NO defense of race anywhere, in the Church, in academia, in the political establishment. Republicans run from race and race issues. It has become a third rail in which you mention race--and you're canned.

    The judicial system is infected with Marxism/Internalitional Socialism. The whole world is infected with this error and then my push-back is considered 'absolutization'?

    The lawyer writes that "the country is inundated with the ideology of “diversity”". It can't be more clearer than this. Where is the Truth?

    My advocacy of Race and Nation is the Truth of the Natural Order. Where is the Truth? Multiculturalism, diversity, tolerance are marxist ideology/sophistry. But it is not the Truth of the Natural Order.

    Is the Truth, (The Faithful Representation of Reality), being presented, defended or taught anywhere? The exact opposite is occuring.

    What is the Error of the Day? is the Error not enough social justice? Or is "Social Justice" Marxist lingo? Is not itself "Social Justice" part and parcel of Marxist ideology? What is before our very eyes? What is occuring? Deracination is occuring. It is going on now. It was going on in the Weimar Republic as well! In his youth, Mussolini as a doctrinaire Communist was engaging in it.

    What is the Error of the Day? What is going on Right Now? Are we not to worry about what is going on right now than what might happen in the future?

  15. Across the board, one can read this: "Race is a social construct". What do they mean by this "Social Construct"? It means that Race is a phantasm, a fantasy, something cooked up. This is taught in every university and college! That there is NO inherent racial differences. There is no Racial hierarchy. This is taught in Roman Catholic colleges and universities and seminaries as well and the Catholic Church has the gall to say it talks about the Natural Law?

    Over at Vox Populi, a commentator "Rollary" points this out: "Destroying and preventing white group consciousness has been a central part of the post-WW2 strategy. While one may possibly consider this understandable as a tactic to absolutely prevent any white group whatsoever from ever threatening Jews again,..."

    Let me repeat that phrase "Destroying and preventing white group consciousness as been a central part to post-WW2 strategy". If we look to the Church as a Shepard, Is the Church being a shepard to its people or is it for the sake of minorities going to de-racinate the evil whites for the sake of the Gospel. Is the Gospel a genocidal ideology?

    From my perspective, the Gospel is a genocidal ideology for it is destroying the cohesiveness and aspects of the European peoples! Does the Gospel destroy? When every Roman Catholic Bishop in America advocates, endorese immigration and illegal immigration and even sets up safe cities and kicks out any laity that protest, is not the Gospel a genocidal ideology? Does God want the Genocide of the European people? Should every white male just put a gun to his head and blow out his brains? Will that not "Cure" all the evils in the world?!

    Is America a WASP country or is the race replacement by 50 million Mayan and Aztec Roman Catholic Indians going to change this country for the better or for the worse? Are we to maintian the WASP character that made America great, or is America turning into a Turd World Hell Hole? ...courtesy of the Roman Catholic Bishops of America? For right now, the Gospel is a genocidal ideology that ties the hands of the Europeans for his de-racination and race replacement or displacement by Hispanic Roman Catholics and Muslims.

    See, what does Philosophy do? It enables a man to "forsee" the future, for the future is based on Logic of forces happening today. Today forms the future and the race displacement/replacement is happening right now. Not only has the Church adopted political correctness and baptized it, the Church is in the active participation of the Masonic ideal of a raceless, colorblind world. In that case if the Gospel teaches political correctness, it teaches Genocide.

  16. Let me point to another salient feature of the Natural Order. That salient feature is that the lower always seeks the death of the higher. Always.

    This is seen in the French Revolution. Did not the lower vulgar classes rise up and slaughter the nobility? One can also see this in Classical Greece in what was called "Club law". Once the aristocracy loose control, the lower classes seek the death, the extermination of the higher classes.

    Does the Monarch and the Aristocracy seek the death of the peasants or the vulgar class? No. They have contempt but never seek the death of the lower. But once the Lower is empowered, they seek the death of the monarch and aristocracy.

    This is also played out in the Feminist War here in America. As Feminism grows in power, it seeks the elimination of masculinity and any sign of patriarchy. It seeks it out and destroys root and branch of it. Feminism in power, since it is in power, suffers no competition. This is Reality. This is how Nature works. Males never seek to destroy feminism or females but Feminism when it has power seeks to wipe out masculinity. Feminism and Patriarchy can NOT Both share power. Either one has to rule for the Natural Law is "The rule of one is best". One always rules; it brokers no partners.

    As in these two examples show, in the Natural Order, the high orders never seek the death of the lower, they may have contempt for the lower orders, but never harbor death for them. On the other hand, the Lower order always, when given the chance, will destroy the higher. This is the modality of nature.

    The same modality operates in race. In the Haitian revolution? All the whites were massacred. In the pre-Civil War South, the Southerners were quite conscious of this mentality that if the Black was ever armed and empowered, all the whites would have been shot.

    The same goes on in former Rhodesia and in South Africa. Once the minorities smell blood, Hispanic or African, they will hunt down the European to extinction. This is happening in America. All things are either in Authority or in Subjection. You can't change that. Either the Good and the High rule or the Vulgar and the Low rule. The Good are beneficial but the Vulgar is absolutely mean. I only point to the Haitian and French Revolutions.

    By meddling in Race with this do-gooder sentimentality, people have screwed up a lot of things. Race matters; Race has values; and God will be teaching your Mankind all about it. You can not treat the Natural Order with Nihilism and that is what political correctness and Stoic sophistry is.

  17. There is only ONE order in the world and that is the Natural Order---created by God, placed in reality, working in reality. That is the only Order. The Real, Original Natural Law upholds, builds, operates the Natural Order. There must be something wrong somewhere, where people and Roman Catholic Academics cook up this Natural Moral Law and think it defines a necessity for an International Order. Can some Catholic PHD out there, more smarter than I, please point out how the Natural Moral Law, countermands the real original Natural Law and how can the Natural Moral Law that the Catholics all talk about come into existence without ever seeing the REAL ORIGINAL NATURAL LAW? Can someone write on that? How the Catholic Church has created this whole field on the Natural Moral Law that has no foundation, no bearing, no connection to the Real Original natural law? And how does something that is "natural" as in the Catholic perspective of the Natural Moral Law countermand the Real Original Natural Law as discovered by the Doric Greeks, this Real Original Natural Law which is the Logos?

    How does the Gospel and the Natural Moral Law countervene the Real Original Natural Law and distort the Natural Order and even destroy elements of the Natural Order such as Nation and Race?

    If "International" was used in front of the word "socialism" to describe its race/nation destroying characteristics and its goal of a raceless, colorblind world, what is "International" doing in front of "Order" that the Catholic Church is proposing? "International" in the Communist lingo means the doing away with nations and races. "International" in the socio-political realm, which the Compendium is placing its emphasis on, is about doing away with Nations and Races for the sake of peace and anti-war!

    Mankind is NOT a family! Mankind is NOT part of the Natural Order. Races and Nations are part of the Natural Order. Can one place an International Order upon a world that is Socialistic but have Christian emphasis and a basis in the Natural Moral Law of the Catholic Church? All the countries of the world are Socialist. They are all Leftist. Clinton, Bush, Obama, Sarkozy, Italy, Merkel, Greece, Israel, Norway, Switzerland, are all Leftist Socialists. All of Europe and British colonies are leftist Socialist entities. All have modern pseudo-republicanism or democracies, which are all leftist in character. So how does the Church seek to implement an International Order based on Christ in a Leftist Socialist World that is no way going to be unseated?

    This is all so unbelievable. Should not our efforts and time be spent in defending and upholding the Logos which undergirds the Natural Order?

  18. Arius Didymus writes what may have been the philosophy of the Spartans for it was the Spartans that had a true classical republic which is mixed government:
    "Connected with the house is a pattern of monarchy, of aristocracy and of democracy. The relationship of parents to children is monarchic, of husbands to wives aristocratic, of children to one another democratic" (Arius Didymus, cited Boring 1995) He concludes his political philosophy with "The best constitution is some mixture of the good forms", i.e. monarchy, aristocracy and democracy.

    As Tribes move to being Clans, to Clans moving to be Races and Nations, as the group becomes larger, an aristocracy grows and royalty grow within the group. This is organic and natural. All racial groups from the Stone Age American Indian to the Chinese developed some sort of leadership class.

    What does this mean. Race is a "super-organism". Race is a living thing. All men are nothing but parts. No man has sovereignity for no man is self-sufficient. No family is sovereign for it is not self-sufficient. But Race---it is self-sufficient. This is a mark of a group and the telos of a thing, when it becomes self-sufficient. When Life is War, that Strife is part of the Cosmos, only men that exist in a group can live and survive. It is only in groups that men survive. Race and nation are those things that preserve man.

    Mark Moffet an ant biologist calls ant colonies "super-organisms". Race is a super-organism. "Mankind" can never, never be a 'super-organism'; it is too large, never developed an organic leadership, and is not the Will of God to be immantized.

    As is quoted from Arius, the make up of the natural organic philosophical societies of the Dorians are patterned from the family. This means that Race is nothing but "Family writ large", i.e. a super-organism. If we defend Family, then we must defend the Family of Race and Nation from the genocidal ideology of Marxism.

  19. Does anybody within the Catholic Church understand or know Jewish thought?

    Did you know that the Jews think that the world was purposely made incorrect, that God did not create a perfect world!!! This is totally opposite Christian teaching.

    Moreover, the Jews think that they have to participate with God, that they help God in him "creating the world".

    Neither of these things is European! No Indo-European thinks like this! Furthermore, none of this is Christian as well.

    Part of what they see as something wrong God has done is the disunity of mankind and it is their mission to right this supposed wrong! This is Jewish thinking. This is what "International Socialism" is for! Do you understand this? Does any Catholic academic understand this?

    This Compendium of Social Justice is about "Fixing the World", about ending violence and war.

    You can NOT stop War and violence. War and violence and Strife are part and parcel of the Natural Order. God kicked us out of the Garden of Eden FOR A BLOODY REASON. We can NOT, and we are supposed to NOT rebuild or recreate the Garden of Eden! That is NOT our position, our job, or the purpose we are here. The Gospel is NOT about recreating the Garden of Eden! We are NOT supposed to be there.

    The Jews have it all, all, all wrong. And all the troubles of the the last four centuries have been them "trying to Fix the World". Since they rejected Christ, the Jews are natural Nihilists!

    This Compendium of Social Justice sounds too much like what the Jews want to do. Secondly, notice how we never hear the phrase "political correctness" but always the word "Social Justice". Social Justice is just another phrase for Political Correctness. Both of these things are genocidal ideologies. They seek to deconstruct race and nation by destroying the elements that make them cohesive.

    This Compendium shows that the Catholic Church has NO idea of the real original Natural Law and has no idea anymore of the Natural Order.

  20. It is Karl Johann Kautsky that wrote similar to Rosa Luxemburg about doing away with nations and races. I mispelled his name.

  21. Discipline.

    No organism can survive without discipline. Discipline is a Law of Nature that is inherent in all things. Ecosystems have discipline. No family is without discipline. No army is without discipline. The Church has discipline. It is part and parcel of organization. Order requires discipline.

    Volkenhass does two things: (a) marks the boundary of the group (b) is the act of discipline. Discipline is always violent. Whether spanking a child or flogging in the British navy, violence is attached to discipline. Racial dislike, racial animosity keeps group cohesion and then punishes breaches of that cohesion. Right now, in my home town, practically every black guy has a European mistress, girlfriend, wife! If we Europeans had volkenhass, minorites would not be taking our women! Are European women for reproducing Europeans or are they there for reproducing Hispanics and Negroes? There is a growing class of mulatto children in this country. Is that a good thing? For the children?

    Volkenhass has for its measure the prevention of miscegenation. As Europeans have been de-racinated, miscegnation has grown. Miscegenation is genocide. Destroy volkenhass and you destroy race. Is that not the goal of social justice (i.e. political correctness)? (The term 'political correctness' was coined in the 1920s in Soviet Russia. My guess is that the Left and this global conspiracy called Marxism stopped using this term and started using "social justice" to accomplish the goals of Cultural Marxism.)

    Volkenhass was implanted into all things insects, animals and humans. It is there for a purpose. It is to be used in the Golden Mean; i.e. excess leads to murder which is wrong and deficiency leads to genocide. Volkenhass has to have the right proportions in order to work right. Screw with this and evil occurs. Like all virtue, volkenhass exists in the Golden mean in order for it to work well.

    Since Race is a super-organism, and all organizations have discipline, Race must also have some sort of discipline in order for it to live. Kill this discipline, kill volkenhass and you kill race.

    Does the Gospel countermand the Logos of Volkenhass?